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 Werewolf A.K.A.'s

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Werewolf A.K.A.'s _
PostSubject: Werewolf A.K.A.'s   Werewolf A.K.A.'s Icon_minitimeFri 03 Aug 2007, 2:06 am

American Indians: limikkin or skin walkers.

Argentina: lobisón

Brazil: lobisomem. , also boto, a dolphin that transforms into a boy, and a uirapuru, a little brown bird that transforms into a boy.

Bulgaria: vrkolak

Canada: wendigo or witiko

Chili: chonchon, a witch that transforms into a vulture.

China: lang ren

Ethiopia, Morocco and Tanzania: boudas, a werehyena

Finland: ihmissusi

France: loup-garou, bisclavret

Greece: vrykolaka, a word for werewolf which is used for vampires and sorcerers also.

Haiti: loup-garou that can change into anything, both plant and animal.

Iceland: hamrammr, a shifter who changes into what it has last eaten, and gains power by eating more.

India: rakshasa, a shifter who can change into any animal it wants.

Indonesia: layak, a spirit that shift into anything

Italy: lupo manero or benandanti for people who permanently become wolves and fight witches in the underworld.

Japan: kitsune, a werefox, also the tanuki or minjina, a wereraccoon, dog or badger. In general shapeshifters are called henge.

Kenya: ilimu

Latvia: vilkacis

Lithuania: vilkatas

Mexico: nahaul, a were wolf, cat, eagle or bull.

Normandy, France: lubins or lupins

Norway and Sweden: eigi einhamir

Philippines: aswang, a vampire / werewolf

Portugal: bruxsa or cucubuth , a vampire / werewolf, the lobh omen and lobis-homems

Russia: wawkalak or bodark

Scandinavia: varulv, ulv, ulfen

Serbia: vukodlak

Slovakia: vulkodlak

South America: kanima, a jaguar-shaped spirit

Spain: hombre lobo, lupino

Sweden: varulv

United States: many, an oddity being the wererat who is said to be common around the Pennsylvania area.

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Werewolf A.K.A.'s

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