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 Werewolves History And Origins

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Lord Stone Raven
The Black Pope
The Black Pope
Lord Stone Raven

Werewolves History And Origins _
PostSubject: Werewolves History And Origins   Werewolves History And Origins Icon_minitimeFri 03 Aug 2007, 2:04 am

were-wolf (wir'woolf', wur'-,war'-) A person transformed into a wolf or capable of assuming the form of a wolf at will; lycanthrope. [Middle English wer(e)wolf, Old English wer(e)wulf: probably wer, a man, wuf, a wolf ].

From Earliest Times Men Have Sought The Power Of The Beast.

In every part of the earth appeared creatures who lived alternately as men or women and as animals, borrowing the shapes of predators that plagued their particular home lands. Thus, from parts of Europe where wild boars, bears and wolves roamed came tales of men who assumed the shapes of boars, bears or wolves and preyed on kin and neighbors. In India, people feared the weretiger. Shadowy werefoxes roamed China and Japan. Some of these creatures were cursed from birth to lose their humanity at intervals. Some, were victims of enchantment. And some deliberately chose the way of animal powers and the freedom of the wild.

It was said, for example, that certain sorcerers and witches learned from Satan how to transform themselves into animal guise. They rubbed themselves with unguents composed of such ingredients as baby's fat and poisioness hemlock, henbane and deadly nightshade. Among Teutonic peoples, it was thought donning special girdles made of the pelt of a wolf or the skin of a hanged man would effect the change. In the Balkins, the magic came from drinking water from a beast's footprint, or from eating a beast's brain.Lycanthrope n. from the Greek lukos, wolf + anthropos, man. Lycantrophy n. the magical ability to assume the form and characteristics of a wolf. This word comes from a Greek tale. A king of Aradia in western Greece by the name of Lycaon, decided to trick Zeus. He fed Zeus a banquet of meats in which he had included human flesh. Zeus became incensed and turned Lycaon into a wolf, but allowed him to keep his human mind so to be always aware of his doom. Australia-The tribes of the desert outback tell a tale of Irrinja, the devil-dog. He had the shape of a man who at the coming of a sandstorm, would lay down and let the sand cover him. When the storm was over, at the cry of the butcher bird, the dune would part. He would emerge with a bristle muzzle, lolling tongue, and a fanged jaw, hungry for flesh.

Even a man who is pure in heart, and says his prayers by night, may become a wolf when the wolfbane blooms and the moon is pure and bright.

The incidents began in January, when the canals lay locked in ice, the snow-muffled streets glowed blue in the eerie twilight, and good folk stayed close to their warm stoves, shutting their ears against the wind moaned down from the mountains. A child disappeared one night from its nursery; and the the following night, another child from another house; and the next night yet another. No cry was heard ; nothing in the little rooms was disturbed. But the clues to the children's fate were found soon enough. Outside the houses in the snow were tracks with four clawed toes and distinctive, triangular pads-the unmistakable prints of a wolf.
Four cubits in height, and his face was like unto the face of a great dog, and his eyes were like unto lamps of fire which burnt brightly, and his teeth were like unto the tusks of a wild boar, or the teeth of a lion, and the nails of his hands were like unto curved reaping hooks, and the nails of his toes were like unto the claws of a lion, and the hair of his head came down over his arms like unto the mane of a lion, and his whole appearance was awful and terrifying. The Beast Within by Adam Douglas. In the forest deep, it began to creep, snarling its way, through the dark wood, its smell keen, its ears sensitive, its eyes dilated to absorb all the light its beastly brain could grasp, aided only by the ghostly moon. It tasted the air, then its ears stood upright, as it heard the baying of hounds tracking in the distance. It crouched on alert, a deep growl in its throat.

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Lord Stone Raven
The Black Pope
The Black Pope
Lord Stone Raven

Werewolves History And Origins _
PostSubject: Re: Werewolves History And Origins   Werewolves History And Origins Icon_minitimeThu 28 Apr 2011, 11:57 am

Purported Werewolf Sightings in History

75,000 BC Earliest human altars, including evidence of prehistoric

10,000 BC
Domestication of dog

6,000 BC
Catal Huyuk cave-drawings depict leopard men hunting
2,000 BC Epic of Gilamesh written down (first literary evidence
of werewolves)
850 BC Odyssey written down (includes many traces of werewolf

500 BC
Scythians recorded as believing the Neuri to be werewolves

400 BC
Damarchus, Arcadian werewolf, said to have won boxing
medal at Olympics
100 - 75 BC Virgil's eighth ecologue (first voluntary transformation
of werewolf)

55 AD
Petronius, Satyricon
150 AD Apuleius, Metamorphosis composed
170 AD Pausanias visits Arcadia and hears of Lykanian werewolf rites
432 AD Saint Patrick arrives in Ireland
600 AD Saint Albeus (Irish) said to have been suckled by wolves
617 AD Wolves said to have attacked heretical monks
650 AD Paulus Aegineta describes "melancholic lycanthropia"
900 AD Hrafnsmal mentions "wolf coats" among the Norwegian
Army, Canon Episcopi condems the belief in reality
of witches as heretical

First use of the word "werewulf" recorded in English
Death of Prince Vseslav of Polock, alleged Ukrainian
1182 - 1183 Giraldus claims to have discovered Irish werewolf couple
1194 - 1197 Guillaume de Palerne composed
1198 Marie de France composes Bisclavret
1250 Lai de Melion composed
1275 - 1300 Volsungasaga, Germanic werewolf saga, written down
1344 Wolf child of Hesse discovered
1347 - 1351 First major outbreak of the Black Death
1407 Werewolves mentioned during witchcraft trial at Basel
1450 Else of Meerburg accused of riding a wolf
1486 Malleus Maleficarum published
1494 Swiss woman tried for riding a wolf
1495 Woman tried for riding a wolf at Lucerne
1521 Werewolves of Poligny burnt

Paduan werewolf dies after having arms and legs cut off

Witekind interviews self-confessed werewolf at Riga, Johann
Weyer takes up post of doctor at Cleve
1552 Modern French version of Guillaume published at Lyon

Olaus Magnus records strange behavior of Baltic werewolves
1560 First publication of Della Porta, Magiae naturalis
1563 First publication of Weyer, De praestigus daemonum
1572 St. Bartholomew's Day of Massacre, intensification
of French civil war
1573 Gilles Garrier burnt as werewolf
1575 Trials of the benandanti begin in the Friuili (and will continue
for a century)
1580 Rebellion at Romans with cannibalistic overtones
1584 Reginald Scot's Discoverie of Witchcraft published
1588 Alleged date of Auvergne female werewolf (Bouget)
1589 Peter Stubb executed as werewolf at Cologne

Roulet tried as werewolf, his sentence commuted "Werewolf
of Chalons" executed at Paris, G
andillonfamily burnt as werewolves in the Jura
2nd edition of Bouget, Discours des sorciers
Jean Grenier tried as werewolf and is sentenced to life imprisonment
1610 Two women condemned as werewolves at Liege, Jean Grenier


Webster's Duchess of Malfi published
1637 Famine in Franche-Comte: cannibalism reported
1652 Cromwellian law forbids export of Irish wolfhounds
1692 The Livonian werewolf Theiss interrogated
1697 Perrault's Contes includes "Little Red Riding Hood"
1701 De Tournefort sees vampire exhumation
1764 Bete de Gevaudon starts werewolf scare in Auvergne
1796 - 1799 Widespread fear of wolves reported in France
1797 Victor of Aveyron first seen
Grimm Brothers publish their version of "Little Red
Riding Hood"
1824 Antoine Leger tried for werewolf crimes and sentenced to lunatic
1828 Death of Victor of Averyon
1830 Souix warriors reported hunting in wolfskins
1857 Accusation of being "wolf leader" ends in court in St. Gervais,
G. W. M. Reynolds, Wagner the Wehr-Wolf published
1880 Folklorist collects Werewolf tale
in Picardy
1885 Johann Weyer's book reprinted at Paris
1886 Robert Louis Stevenson, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde published
1906 Freud lists Weyer's book as among ten most significant ever
1913 The Werewolf using
real wolf in transformation scene

Freud publishes "wolf man" paper
Kamala and Amala - the Orissa wolf children - discovered,
Right-wing terror group "Operation Werewolf" established
in Germany
1932 Jekyll & Hyde starring
Frederic March
1935 Werewolf of London
1941 Wolf Man starring Lon
Chaney Jr.
1943 - 1944 Childhood
autism first described, LSD discovered
1944 House of Frankenstein
includes mention of silver bullet
1951 Outbreak of ergotism at Pont-Saint-Esprit
1952 Ogburn & Bose, On the trail of the Wolf-Children published
1957 I Was a Teenage Werewolf

Shamdeo discovered living among wolves in India
1975 Surawicz & Banta publish first two modern cases of lycanthopy
"An American Werewolf in London"
includes first four-footed werewolf
1985 "Death of Shamdeo" "Teen Wolf"

Monsieur X arrested, "McLean Hospital" survey published
1990 "Werewolf rapist" jailed, McLean Case 8 full report
1991 "The Wolfman" escapes from Broadmoor

Werewolves History And Origins Nf10
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Werewolves History And Origins

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