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 Vampire Types

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The Black Pope
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Vampire Types _
PostSubject: Vampire Types   Vampire Types Icon_minitimeFri 03 Aug 2007, 1:21 am

Intentional Psychic Vampires

Intentional Psychic Vampires are humans whom possess great telepathic abilities. They use these abilities to knowingly draw the life force from others.These vampires seek out victims whom they can interact with in order to create strong emotions in these victims, sexual intercourse usually being the biggest. At the peak of climax, the vampire will then absorb mental energy from the victims' aura. Some other vampires usually try a more subtle approach. They will attack the victim whilst they sleep. This often causes vivid dreams in which the victim will awake feeling drained and tired. A death from a Psychic Vampire is rare however. The appearance of an Intentional Psychic Vampire is that of the usual human physic. They tend to pretend to be mortal blood drinkers. They are not immortal and they do not have a fatal reaction to sunlight. Whilst in their psychic state, they cannot be destroyed by any physical means. Surveys prove that one out of every five is attacked by one of these vampires at least once in their lifetime. They usually start off practicing on others in groups or under group guidance. When they have mastered the dark art sufficiently enough, they move on to astral projecting themselves and commence feeding. After their death, they become something like wraights, earthbound entities, and continue to feed in this manner in order to keep their astral forms from breaking down.

Unintentional Psychic Vampires

Unintentional Psychic Vampires feed in exactly the same way as Intentional Psychic Vampires but are unaware that they are doing it. They feel refreshed after sexual intercourse while their partner is often left tired and drained of energy. Usually they are morning people due to their unintentional feeding on others during the night. The reasons vary between occurrences but most often it is because they a re compensating lost energy from some illness that they have. Most of the time, these vampires are older then their victims for the main reason of with age there's often more sickness. It is rare for the victim to be older, but it does happen. The fact that these vampires feed unknowingly can make them very dangerous.

Mortal Vampires

Since the beginning of time, there have always existed mortals whom have had an obsession with blood drinking for whatever reasons. Some portray themselves as real vampires, some use blood drinking as an excitement or as a sexual enhancement. Some may even be from a particular disease which often causes insanity. This disease is often referred to as "Renfield's Syndrome" which is also as you guessed, a character from Dracula who is a Zoophagous, meaning a "life-eater." Mortal blood drinking is quite a big occurrence now. There has become quite a big community for this sort of thing. Most blood drinkers advertise for blood donors while some purchase the blood from blood banks. Blood bank purchasing is only allowed in some states however and as an added benefit, the blood is thoroughly tested to ensure safety from any sort of known impurities.

Immortal Vampires a.k.a. Homo Wampyrus

Immortal Blood Drinkers is a rather large classification because not all receive the dark gift the same. There are roughly around thirty-six different recorded types well documented. I will be listing the four most common however which is also more then the rest all added together.

Vampire Types Nf10
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Vampire Types

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